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Beaulieu Images
20 rue Emile Zola
41200 Romorantin-Lanthenay

Beaulieu Germany
The Super 8 department of Beaulieu Images
22395 Hamburg


  • Some additional manuals can be found at apecity.
  • Here's a nice link to texts about Beaulieu 4008-Super8-cameras. It contains a "Identifying a Beaulieu 4008"-section, too, listing the main differences between all Beaulieu 4008-versions (S,ZMII,...).
  • Another page about the 4008-Super8-cameras. Here you can find some manuals/brochures/hints/... .
  • Here's another text about the Beaulieus, incl. some old price lists that show the available lenses, ... .
  • If you can understand Italian or French, you might also want to visit the "Collezione Franceschi". This Italian webpage has pictures and technical data from every device built by Beaulieu and the true history of the Beaulieu family.