Beaulieu 708 EL Stereo Projector

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Beaulieu 708 EL Stereo Projector

Years of production: approx. 1980 - approx. 1999 (in 1993 the design got updated and it was possible to upgrade the projector to a "High Performance"-version with HTI-lamp)

Suited for: Single8 and Super8

Lens: 1,1/11-30mm

Lamp: Halogen 15V/150 Watt

Max. reel capacity: 700m

Sound: Magnetic: mono, stereophonic and duoplay, playback and recording

Speed: 18 and 24fps, which can be adjusted manually +- 3 frames

Shutter: 3-bladed, but can be switched to 2-bladed

Original prices:

  • Germany 1984:
    • 13533,-DM (approx. 6766,50 EUR)

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 1.628,00 (+ EUR 25,00 shipping) in 04/2006
    • EUR 1.200,00 (+ EUR 20,00 shipping) in 05/2006



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