Beaulieu 7008 S Pro

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Beaulieu 7008 S Pro

Year: 1981

Lens: 1,4 / 6 - 90 mm

Manual / Auto Zoom with Variable speed

Manual / Auto Exposure

Frame rates: 4,9,18,24,25,36,80

Interval timer with 1,1,30 second intervals

6 X 1,5V batteries

$2750 net 7/1999 $2050 eBay 8/1999


See the Beaulieu 6008 through 9008 comparison table collected by "Lastquark": Beaulieu 6008 to 9008 comparison

There's a slight chance that this modell is the same as the Beaulieu 7008 Pro and only has got a typo in its name.

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