Beaulieu 6008 S Pro Digital

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Beaulieu 6008 S Pro Digital

Lens: Angenieux 1,2 / 6 - 90 mm

Auto / Manual Zoom with Variable Speed

Frame rates: 4-56 + single frame

Interval timer

Single-system sound


See the Beaulieu 6008 through 9008 comparison table collected by "Lastquark": Beaulieu 6008 to 9008 comparison

This model also included an red LED-type frame-counter.

Besides the bright LED frame & footage counter, which is useful for animators, as well as for the 50 and 200ft cartridges, the 6008 models introduced the "LL" (low-light) shutter option, making them the best cameras for low-light filming; on average, 3/4 of a stop brighter than all other models of Super-8 cameras, which used a beam-splitter viewfinder system.

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