Beaulieu 4008 M 3

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Beaulieu 4008 M 3

Year: 1977

Lens: C-mount, replaceable -sold with lens-

Manual Zoom

Macro focusing

Manual / Auto Exposure

Frame rates: 2 - 70 fps (steppless with markings at 2,4,8,18,24 or 25,36,50,70 fps) + single frame

Shutter degree: Variable


Lap dissolve

Remote control socket

No sound

Beaulieu 4000-M3 1a.jpg Beaulieu 4000-M3 1b.jpg


Beaulieu has changed its "history"-section: The "4008 ZM III" is now called "4008 M III". Therefore it can be confused easily with the "4008 M 3". Hence there's a high chance that the "4008 ZM 3" and "4008 M 3" are mixed up in the wiki, too.

The model that is often called the "safari" is marked M 3 on the body and painted with a black wrinkle finish. It was sold with a lens that had no power zoom.


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