Beaulieu 9008 S 16:9

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Beaulieu 9008 S 16:9

Lens: Angenieux 1,4 / 6-90mm (C-mount, replaceable)

Frame rates: 4/9/18/24/36/56 fps + single frame

Interval timer

16x9 safe areas marked in viewfinder

Auto/Manual setting of the film's speed from 25 ASA to 500 ASA

crystal sync

c-mount lenses

supermag and SD8/60 ready

Weight: 1000 g

price on eBay: EUR 1620 (+ EUR 8 for shipping) 10/2005

Beaulieu9008S 16-9.JPG


Last model of the 9008.

The main (or only) difference between the "Pro" and the "S"-modell is the max. speed for slow-motion: The "Pro" can do up to 80fps, while the the "S" can only do up to 56fps.

See the Beaulieu 6008 through 9008 comparison table collected by "Lastquark": Beaulieu 6008 to 9008 comparison

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