Beaulieu 6008 Pro

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Beaulieu 6008 PRO

Year: 1979-1983

Lens: Schneider 1,4/6-70 mm or Angenieux 1.4/6-90mm

Auto / Manual Zoom with 3-10 s.

Ground Glass Focusing

Macro focusing

Manual / Auto Exposure

Frame rates: 4,9,18,24/25,36,80 + single frame

Shutter degree: Var.


Lap dissolve of 90 frames

Interval timer with 1,10,30 second intervals

Remote control socket

Flash contact

Weight: 1000 g

Optional quartz crystal synch module

No sound, but accepts the larger sound-cartridges, too.

6 X AA batteries

Original prices:

  • Germany 1984:
    • body only: 3772,-DM (approx. 1886,- EUR)
    • body + Beaulieu-Zoom Makro 1,4/6,9-55: 4980,-DM (approx. 2490,- EUR)

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay USA:
    • US$860 in 11/1999

Instruction manual online:



See the Beaulieu 6008 through 9008 comparison table collected by "Lastquark": Beaulieu 6008 to 9008 comparison

There is a version of this camera that has a digital frame counter, on this website it's called the Beaulieu 6008 S Pro Digital.


by GeoVal[edit]

One look at the big, bad Angenieux 6-90mm Macro and you know this Super 8 means business. Based on my experience no other Super 8 zoom lens performs better indoors in low-light or outside in high contrast situations, provided it is properly collimated and the stars align in the heavens, otherwise you will have focus issues. This is one sexy, high performance machine coveted for decades by serious Super 8 filmmakers everywhere. 6008 series Beaulieus are expensive, high-maintenance machines, but highly serviceable. The Beaulieu 6008 Pro is the Super 8 equivalent of a Dino Ferrari or Lamborghini Diablo. If you like to fuzz over a camera this is your baby. Plan on yearly maintenance. Avoid unless you have very deep pockets. Overrated and overpriced - geoval.


These and all the cameras in the 6008-9008 series are slightly better than the earlier Beaulieu models just because they don't need an expensive battery replacement. Throw on a good lens like the Angenieux 6-80 and your results should be about the same: steady, extremely sharp images almost a 16mm quality. If you're going to buy any of them, save your money for a Pro model because they have faster filming speeds and can be crystal synced. Prices can vary a lot based on the model # or condition and you could end up paying $900 for a crystal-synced 6008 in pristine condition or $2500 for a 9008 with the same specs. At that point it's debatable whether it's a better idea just to spend your money on a 16mm camera for actual shooting. I've shot with one of these a couple of times and was very pleased with the results, but I would never fork over that kind of money to own one.

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