Beaulieu 1018 SX 8

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Beaulieu 1018 SX 8

Year: 1979-1980

Lens: 1,8 / 7.5-60mm

Manual / Auto zoom

Manual / Auto exposure

Speed: 9, 18, 24, 36 fps + single frame

25-250 ASA Daylight, 40-400 ASA Tungsten (according to the manual - the camera itself only seem to differ between 40, 160 and 400 ASA Tungsten and 25, 100 and 250 ASA Daylight)


Auto / Manual Recording Level Control

Remote control socket

Flash contact

Batteries: 6x 1.5V AA

Dimensions: 270mm x 76mm x 215mm

Weight: 1.6kg



Made in Japan, probably by Chinon (while other sources like Lossau's "Filmkameras"-book claim that the camera was made in a Japanese plant owned/operated by B&H and J. Osawa & Co.)


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