Beaulieu 2008 S Reflex Control

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Beaulieu 2008 S Reflex Control

Year: 1966-1970 (other sources say 1965-1968)

Lens: Angenieux 1,9 / 8 - 64 mm (other sources say Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 1:1.8 7-56mm)

Manual Zoom

Ground Glass Focusing

Manual Exposure

Frame rates: variable from 2 to 50 fps + single frame

Shutter degree: Variable

Cable release socket

Remote control socket

Weight: 860 g

No sound

Instruction manual:

Price(s) on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 67,17 (+ ?? shipping) in 06/2006 (camera with shoulder holder, underwater bag, some agfa-films,...)


The same as Beaulieu 2008 S Automatic, but without auto exposure.

It looks like Ritter (German importer of Beaulieu) showed a Beaulieu 2008 S with a 25% larger viewfinder on the photokina 1968. Unfortunately it's unclear when and if those models have been sold.

The battery compartments on these are unique to this model and will require a different kind of dummy adapter than the other 2008 and 4008 models. I think Wittner sells them if you can't find one off Ebay.


These typically come with Angenieux 8-64 or Schneider 8-40 lenses that have 1 "Regliomatic" control. Both are very nice lenses. It's nearly identical to the 4008 models and if you don't require speeds faster than 50 fps, these are a nice alternative to the 4008 if you want to save ~$100 on a camera off Ebay. Note that like the 4008 models it will still cost you hundreds of dollars extra for maintenance and a new battery.

eBay Auctions[edit]

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