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Braun AG, Kronberg, Germany

In 1962 the Braun AG bought the Niezoldi & Krämer GmbH and used the term "Nizo" for all of their Super8-cameras. All "Non-Nizo"-products can be found on this page, while the Nizos can be found here.
In 1980 the Braun AG sold its film & photo-section to the Robert Bosch GmbH (owner of the Eugen Bauer GmbH), which stopped its Super8-activities in 1985/1986.

Note: There are two German "Braun"-companies:

  • Braun AG, Kronberg, Germany - their devices can be found here.
  • BRAUN PHOTO TECHNIK GmbH (formerly "Karl Braun KG" and "Carl Braun Camera-Werk Nürnberg"), Nürnberg, Germany - their "normal" devices are moved into the Carl Braun-section, while their "Braun Paximat"-projectors are found in another separate section.