Braun FP30 Projector

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Braun FP30 Super8/Single8 Projector

Years: 1971 - ??

Lens: Will Maginon 1,3/16,5-30mm

Lamp: 12V/100W Halogen

Sound: None

Projection speeds: 18 and 6 fps (forward) + fast rewinding (with and without the film being in the film-channel)

Max. reel-capacity: 120m/400ft

Voltage: 110/130/220/240V (all 50Hz, can only be adjusted to 60Hz by trained service-men)

Dimensions: 24cm x 21cm x 12cm

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 24,00 (+ EUR 7,50 shipping) in 07/2007


According to the Braun company, this projector was designed to be extra small, extra silent and to remain very cool. (source: "Nizo Nachrichten 2-3/71")


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