Winait DV180N (new design)

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Winait DV180N (new design) - "factory new design film scanner/8mm roll film scanner"

Years: 2019?? (still in production/for sale in 03/2021)

Max. reel size: 60m/200ft

No sound

Integrated TFT display: 6cm/2,4"

Integrated mini-USB 2.0-connector

Supported operating systems (for the USB-connection): Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and OS X > 10.7.3

Supports SD(HC)-cards with up to 32GB


  • MP4-files on SD-card with 1440*1080 pixel at 30fps (additional video-editing software required slow down the files to film's real speed in post)
  • TV-output at standard definition for PAL and NTSC

Scanning Speed: approx. 2s per frame = approx. 30min for 15m/50ft of film

Power: 12V DC via an external 120V/60Hz-AC-transformer

Languages: English / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Japanese/S-Chinese / T-Chinese

Dimensions: L320*W185*H114mm

Weight: 1410 g/3.1 lb

Original price on alibaba in 03/2021: US$300.00 (1 piece) - US$200.00 (per piece when buying at least 1000 devices)

Made in China

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay USA:

Winait DV180N new design.jpg



Technically, it's the same device as the Winait DV180N, it only differs in design (in the colours used for the plastic body, to be precise).

According to Winait, this is the 3rd generation of this scanner. The previous versions looked like the old design (Winait DV180N) and mainly differed in the available languages and in the camera (1st generation was only 720p).


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