Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection

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Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection
Eumig r2000-1-.jpg
Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection
Model Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection
Format(s) Super8/Regular8
Manufacturer Eumig
Made in Austria
Produced 1976
Lamp 100W, 12V, halogen (w/dichroic reflector)
Reel capacity 180m
Playback speed 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 fps
Lens(es) Eumig Eupronet f: 1.3/F: 7 mm
Magnetic Sound No
Sound output No
Optical sound No
External synch Yes
Recording No
Weight 9.500g
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Recent prices on eBay ($US) $54.12 (06/2008)
Recent prices on eBay (£) £16.99 (09/2008)
Recent prices on eBay (€) EUR 42.50 (07/2008)
EUR 26 (07/2008)
EUR 43.56 (09/2008)

Additional specs[edit]

  • Playback: forward, reverse, still
  • Screen size: 300 x 224mm
  • Film loading: automatic threading
  • Motor: magnetic motor
  • Power source: 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Can be opened to project to a standard projection screen


Dual format: Can be switched from Super8 to Regular8 and back. Was followed by the sound models Eumig RS 2500 Instaprojection (extremely rare) and Eumig RS 3000 Instaprojection.

It's like a handy, semi-portable instant TV for Super8, making you independent of having to set up a projection screen in usual operation, but can be opened to project to a standard projection screen just like a standard projector, so it's basically two devices in one: A cine-film TV and a standard projector. Also, it's certainly better for a simple off-the-wall transfer than using a standard projection screen, piece of paper, or one of those tiny glass screens, but of course inferior to a professional telecine.

Caution: Lens shouldn't be touched during projection to a standard projection screen because of possibility of receiving an electric jolt due to poor isolation. Use the front knob to focus instead.


  • Commercial download (6.49 EUR/9.06 USD) of the Eumig R2000 Instaprojection manual (English) as a PDF
    • (If you happen to spare around 7 Euros or around 9 bucks, please download from there and upload here on, then put the new link here in this article.)

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