Eumig RS 3000 Instaprojection

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Eumig RS 3000 Instaprojection
Eumig rs3000-1-.jpg
Eumig RS 3000 Instaprojection
Model Eumig RS 3000 Instaprojection
Format(s) Super8
Manufacturer Eumig
Made in Austria
Produced 1978
Lamp 100W, 12V, tungsten halogen (w/dichroic reflector)
Reel capacity 180m
Playback speed 18, 24 fps
Lens(es) Eumig Eupronet f: 1.3/F: 13.6 mm (internal screen)
Eumig Vario-Eupronet f: 1.3/F: 15-30 mm (normal projection)
Magnetic Sound Yes
Sound output 10W, 4 Ohm (internal speaker), 15W, 4-6 Ohm (external)
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External synch Yes
Recording Yes
Weight 11.500g
Dimensions 285 x 343 x 413mm
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Recent prices on eBay (£) £51.59 (08/2008)
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Additional specs[edit]

  • Projection: forward, reverse
  • Screen size: 300 x 224mm
  • Film loading: automatic threading
  • Sound: magnetic playback and recording
  • Frequency response: 75-10.000Hz at 18fps, 75-12.000Hz at 24fps
  • Tone level: yes
  • Recording: fading sound, sound-on-sound
  • Mixing: possible
  • Input terminal: Microphone (0.3-150 mV, 9 kOhm), Auxiliar (50 mV-3 V, 470 kOhm)
  • Motor: magnetic motor
  • Power source: 100-110-117-125-200-220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 225W
  • Can be opened to project to a standard projection screen


Successor to silent Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection and sound Eumig RS 2500 Instaprojection. See comments there.


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