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VEB Pentacon Dresden, the former VEB Kamera- und Kinowerke Dresden which was derived in 1959 from a merger of East German Zeiss Ikon and other East German companies. The name Pentacon was already in use before the merger, as type name for certain camera products of East German Zeiss Ikon. It was created for the Contax S single lens reflex still camera because the rights on the name Contax were successfully claimed by West German Zeiss group. It meant "penta(prism) con(tax)". In the mid 1950s it was also used as brand name for East German cine cameras. Immediately after German reunification in 1990 Pentacon was eliminated by officials of the corrupt German "Treuhand" agency. A photography enthusiast and entrepreneur bought the company name and refounded it as a much smaller company that's mainly trading rebadged East Asian cameras. Nowadays its most famous own product is a super-high resolution still camera.


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