Pentacon Pentaflex 16

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Pentacon Pentaflex 16

Camera takes single-perf 16mm-film on daylight spool reels.

Year: approx. 1950-1970

Lens: triple lens mount, Pentaflex mount
(often sold with the following Zeiss lenses: 2.8/12.5mm, 1.4/25mm and 1.4/50mm)

Reflex view finder with an unusual optical path that runs under the camera instead of above the film chamber.

Manual zoom (when equiped with zoom lenses).

Manual exposure only (no integrated exposure meter).

Camera was sold with several motors; spring wound or electrical that ran at different speeds. The motor can be mounted in two positions on the camera. The motor is interchangeable in most models. The DC motors are supplied by external 12V-6W-batteries, there is a version with a 25fps-only-motor supplied from a 220V-50Hz-AC wall outlet.

The fastest electrical motor run at 96fps max.

Max. reel capacity: there are two different magazines: 30m/100ft and 120m/400ft

Variable shutter (0 - 180°)

No sound recording - a non-quite camera made for B roll or post sound recording

Made in GDR


There are several versions of this camera: some with plastic parts for the body, some with fully metallic bodies. And "of course" the body's colour can be anything from silver metallic, to green, grey, brown or black.

An English Pentaflex 16 advertisement from 1965


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