Zeiss Ikon Moviflex S 8

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Zeiss Ikon Moviflex S 8

Year: 1966-69

Lens: Vario-Sonnar 1,9 / 9 - 36 mm

Aperture scale f1,9 to f45 (from f1,9 to f16 by aperture, from f16 to f45 through continuos grey filter to limit diffraction)

Filter thread Bay 56 (Contarex)

Reads speed-notchings from 25 - 100 ASA for Tungsten Film and 12 - 64 ASA for Daylight Film

Aerial image focussing

Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 18, 24 + single frame

Manual / Auto Exposure

Two seperate cable release sockets for remote exposures (black) and single frame (red)

Power supply: 4 AAs (LR6)

No sound

Made in Germany

Manufacturer: Zeiss Ikon Voigtländer

Recently paid in eBay net auction: $216,5 eBay 7/1999; EUR 10,50 (+ EUR 6,95 shipping) in 12/2005; EUR 25,50 in 1/2006; EUR 15,50 in 02/09

zeiss_face.jpg zeiss_droit.jpg zeiss_gauche.jpg zeiss_detail2.jpg


There are two improved versions of this camera: MS 8 Electronic and MS 8 Synchron which add fades and power zoom.


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