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New Super8-feature-film


Hi folks. It is completely possible to make a film in super-8.\ Of course it is not as cheap as making a film in digital plataforms. However, if you want to make a low budget with film instead of video, super-8 is once again an option. You will need a lot of light. You need to superexpose a little bit the negative for best results. Never shoot without testing your stocks and your camera. We used the Pro8mm Classic Camera To telecine, you should look for a spirit scanner with DVNR. Cinelicious offers this service in LA. The finer the grains, the better. The maximum asa you should use is 200. Our best shots however were made with ASA 50. We used Kodak vision3 200t and 50D. Check the teaser:

Essa Maldita Vontade de Ser Passaro (The curse of the cages) 2010, Brazil, Directed by Paula Fabiana and Adrian Steinway 82 min.


Follow up comment....Any chance we can remove the specific topic links that are on the main page, they are way too specific to be featured so prominently on the main super-8 page. Those links should be going to bigger, Super-8 overview topics. Any chance anyone would comment please? this is a follow up comment to the comments below that I left two weeks ago.

I would really like to see the Main Super-8 Wiki Page start with two Distinct category choices. One of the two main categories would be about how Super-8 is currently being used, aka "now". The other category would about the "history" of Super-8.

Below is how I see the work flow if it incorporated both a "Now" category along with a "Then" category on the Super-8 main page.

I think it's important to allow the reader an immediate choice between Super-8 "Now" versus Super-8 "History" prior to hitting them with never ending Super-8 sub categories.

-Super 8 "Now", for people who want to know the state of Super-8 as it is, "Now". Most of the information found under the "now" category will be a combination of present day super-8 information with applicable links... is a workflow concept for the "now" section...

Super-8 "Now" categories would include....




--Editing Options--


--Transfer to Video Options--










--Film Festivals--

--Present Day Uses of Super-8 Film--

The second half of the main Super-8 Page would be about the HISTORY OF SUPER-8.

Super-8 History - an indepth look at the origins (or history) of Super-8.


--Super-8 Format, includes Film cartridge invention/design--



--Viewers & Splicers--


--Most Popular Equipment--







--Film Festivals--

--Magic Moments caught on film--

Please check the sample camera (Sample) on how to add new cameras, it would be good if we'd sort out all the bugs there first [christoph]

The Main Page is protected from edits because it became the target of spambots who inserted porn links. To edit, please email the user WikiAdmin. WikiAdmin 17:50, 19 Apr 2005 (PDT)

I moved the Google ads to the right side of each page. I put the ads in a new skin so you can turn them off by creating an account and choosing the skin monobook in your preferences. Reed S. 12:39, 28 Mar 2005 (PST)

I've started to add additional pages for some cameras, like repair tips. Here is an example - Leicina Special: Repair. Please feel free to create new pages! If a pages is specific to a model or brand I suggest putting that at the beginning of the page name. Reed S. 18:22, 7 Mar 2005 (PST)

I greated a custom tag that lets you insert an eBay search string. Visit the Canon Auto Zoom 814 page to see it in action. You can edit any page and enter <ebay>Search string here</ebay> and use the full eBay search syntax for instance: (canon, cannon) (autozoom, auto zoom) 814 -electronic -digital. I am using the eBay affiliate javascript - for me it only shows the US site, if you can figure out how to make it search, etc. let me know and I will update the tag definition that resides in a special PHP file. Reed S. 14:44, 3 Mar 2005 (PST)

I've copied all the cameras from Anssi's list into this wiki, and have added a few more (DS-8 for instance) Reed S. 14:44, 3 Mar 2005 (PST)

Great site, but what about Single 8!? - H. Vonhoegen

If people want to add Single 8 pages that is OK by me! Reed S. 18:38, 24 Jul 2005 (PDT)


By using Wiki categories we can tag pages and have navigation automatically created. To put a page in a category you include a category tag. Pages can be in multiple categories. These are the current categories:

[[Category:Comparison charts]]

and one category for each brand name, for example


It is possible to have sub-categories for instance "Bauer" is a sub-category of "Manufacturers".

A page can be in many categories, so a page for a Bauer camera would be tagged like this: [[Category:Cameras]][[Category:Bauer]].

More information on category techniques can be found here: Mediawiki Categories explained


If you want to try out editing, visit the Sandbox page. -- 08:27, 21 Feb 2005 (PST)

Wiki Maintenance

Upgraded to v1.19.2 Mediawiki to try to reduce spam. Also changed to require captchas even for logged in users but not administrators and to force captchas for all User pages, and added a few new questions to the ConfirmEdit questy captcha. Reed S. September 16 2012


Q: Why there is Publicity on this site??? I don't want to write free on a web site with publicity!

A: Running a webserver costs money. And advertising is a way to reduce these costs.
Besides: Once you've created an account on this server, you can change your "skin" to a "skin" without those ads ;-)

Q: i think running a webserver costs not a lot money and there is free webserver : (fr)

A: Until now, you'll have to pay for your webserver. (It may be not a lot of money, but it is money!) The only free webservers are either limited in bandwidth, space, usage, ... or include advertising. The only alternative to advertisings would be a "donation-financed server".

Q: i don't succes to have a "skin" without those ads

A: a) Log in into your account
b) Click onto "preferences" (on the upper right)
c) Click "Skin"
d) Select "MonoBook" instead of "MonoBookWithAds (default)"
e) Click onto "Save Preferences"
f) Done - as long as you're logged in, those ads should have gone (<- it sometimes takes 1-2 minutes until the changes take affect!)


Q: When will there be a French version?

A: You could add new pages for each article and link to them with the appropriate language code: [[(language code):(article name)]] (French would be "fr"). Nevertheless it still has to be discussed whether this wiki should remain "English only" or not.

Q: i try unsuccesfull [[en:Événements]] on Festivals_Events_Fleamarkets

WikiAdmin 20:07, 29 Sep 2005 (PDT) I don't think I have configured MediaWiki properly for multilingual namespaces but I would like to do that, I would welcome any links to instructions.

A (in french):
Pour configurer les liens rapides interwikis, se connecter à sa base SQL, sélectionner la table "interwiki", "afficher" le contenu de la base et y insérer les couples raccourci-adresse cibles désirés.

si "ac" doit renvoyer à "" :

Il suffira ensuite d'utiliser [[ac:mot]] ou [[ac:mot|le mot sur]] au lieu de [].

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a new group of "couch surfing" is born for all the fan of super8