Muplex MR 3

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Muplex MR 3

Lens: Stigmagon f3 16.6mm(fixed focus)

No sound

Frame rate: 18fps

Manual Exposure: Dial on side of camera changes f stops and removes orange filter when set to lamp.

Powered by four AA's (however mine works on just two AA's)

Shutter trigger on handle, with run lock switch.

Meter / Feet Film Counter

No tripod screw.


Made in Italy by Mupi





Similar to Mupi Zeta 1, but with a bigger aperture f stop. (maybe my example is broken?)


This is an extremely basic Super 8 camera, almost toylike.

It is of all plastic construction and very lightweight. Similar to the Kodak M2, M12 and M22 but bigger. The viewfinder is reverse telescope type with a small field of view.

The lens is probably plastic and non-zoom and fixed focus. It appears to say focal length is 16.6 mm and maximum aperture of F3 although this is stated as F1:3 in continental European style. This is confusing to American and English users who assume F1.3 is meant. Close-ups less than 1.5 metres in sunshine and 3 metres indoors or dull weather will be out of focus.

The exposure is set by selector switch on the side of the camera in accordance with the pictorial chart. It has a film exposed/remaining counter. Loading is by sliding off the rear cover at the back of the camera. The motor on mine very noisy and the shutter sometimes stops open giving flash frames.

Age is anybody's guess but probably dates from the late 60s to early 70s. A curio.

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