Mupi Zeta 1

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Mupi Zeta 1

Lens: Eckigon f16.6mm Fixed Focus

F Stop Dial with Sunny f16, 1/2 Sun f11, 1/4 Sun f5.6, Umbrella f4, Lamp f4 w/out orange filter.

Frame rates: 18fps

Shutter trigger on handle with run lock switch.

Powered by four AA batteries

No tripod socket

Made of Plastic

Made in Italy

Available in two colour-schemes: all black and off-white/brown.

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 1,00 (+ EUR 5,90 shipping) in 06/2013




Mupi Zeta-1 1b.jpg


Similar to Muplex MR 3 but different f stops (MR3 has bigger f stop opening)


eBay Auctions[edit]