Minolta: how to open XL-401/601 and lubricate a squealing noise

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This Minolta XL-601 was loud running. Here is how to open and lubricate this Super 8 movie camera.

You should be in a clean dust free environment as the optical path will be exposed during the process.

The back shell is held on by 4 screws. Two can be found at the rear of the film chamber and and two are hidden under the front right side panel.

  • Remove right side front panel, 3 screws, then lift off panel. Note position of macro switch for re-assembly.
    Minolta xl601 meter1.jpg

  • Remove two Phillips head screws from rear of film chamber, remove top screw near ready light and bottom screw in deep hole near handle
Minoltaxl601 shell1.jpg

Close the film door and grasp camera so it does not separate. Turn the camera over. You may want to note position of switches for re-assembly. Lift the panel straight off.

The viewfinder shutter switch and shutter are loose, if these come out refer to the picture below.

Minoltaxl601 viewfindershut.jpg

In this camera this flexible shaft (metal spring) was corroded. It made a loud squealing noise as the camera ran. A very small touch of light machine oil was applied to the spring and to the shaft. A toothpick point was dipped in oil then used to apply much less than one drop.

Minoltaxl601 flexshaft.jpg

To assemble, check postion of viewfinder shutter flap and switch. Make sure switches on camera case match the internal switches. Place shell on and replace screws. Check operation of all switches.

You may want to calibrate the meter while you have the body open. Here are instructions for that procedure: Minolta: how to adjust XL-401/601 meter

Here is another way that someone has lubricated this camera: Talk:Minolta:_how_to_open_XL-401/601_and_lubricate_a_squealing_noise