Lomo RUSS 340 Projector

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Lomo RUSS 340 Projector (also sold with Cyrillic letters as "PYCB 340")

Suited for Super8/Single8 and Normal8

Years: ??

Lens: sold with a OP-18 (18mm / f1.4) and a PF-6A (18-30mm / f1.2)

Lamp: 12V / 100W

Max. reel cap.: 120m (or 180m?)

Magnetic sound playback and recording

Also connects to some Soviet tape-synchronisers, e.g. "SEL-1" and "Synchro-8M"

Frame rates: 15 to 26 fps (step-less)

Weight: approx. 5kg

Dimensions: 135mm x 200mm x (285mm with OP-18) or (300mm with PF-6A)

Made in USSR

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:



It looks like it's the same device as the original Lomo RUSS Projector. The new "name" (now with a model number) was probably only introduced when the other models (310 and 320) were released.


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