Hanimex moviemat Projector

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Hanimex moviemat Projector

Year: late 1960's

Lens: ?

Max. reel capacity: 15m / 50ft

Frame rate: 18fps

No sound

Special feature: integrated frame-marker for editing that punches a hole in the film on the opposite side to the perforations

Some photos can be found on a Facebook page


Very small portable projector with integrated screen (rear projection). Can be operated with batteries (three C cells) and with an optional, external mains adaptor. Reel capacity is very small (15m / 50ft) and the projector probably only runs at 18fps. It is too slow to show movies commercially released which run at 24fps. The picture it produces is on a screen about 3 - 4cms square.It's clear enough to see what's going on but unsure for editing? The lamp is like a torch bulb or car bulb.

Reported to be a re-labeled Liesegang mobil-e Projector.


The one I own is a bit noisy and sometimes needs help to move and stops if the tension is too tight on the film. It might be like this because of its age?

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