Fuji Fujicascope SD-20 2-Track Projector

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Fuji Fujicascope SD-20 Quartz Super 8 Projector

Years: 1981-82

Sound: Magnetic (record & playback, both tracks - see comments)

Lens: Zoom lens 1:1,3 f=15-30 mm

Lamp: 150W/15V (EFR)

Reel capacity: 240m

Speed: 18 and 24fps, adjustable

Dimensions: approx. 315mm x 190mm x 372mm

Weight: approx. 11kg

Made in Japan

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 112,00 (+ EUR 10,90 shipping) in 05/2023

Made in Japan by Yelco, same as Yelco Sound DS-810MT Super 8 2Track Quartzmatic Projector

Only sold in Japan and hence with all buttons labeled in Japanese.


  • Sound: When using the projector's internal amplifier and/or internal speaker, you'll "only" get "duoplay sound" as both tracks get mixed down to a single monophonic output. However, you can also get the unamplified sound of both tracks on separate connectors. When feeding these signals through an external stereo-amplifier (with two loudspeakers attached), you can even get stereophonic sound with this projector.



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