Yelco Sound DS-810MT Super 8 2Track Quartzmatic Projector

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Yelco Sound DS-810MT Super 8 2Track Quartzmatic Projector

Years: 1981-82

Sound: Magnetic (record & playback, both tracks - see comments)

Lens: Yelco Zoom lens 1:1,3 f=15-30 mm

Lamp: 150W/15V (EFR)

Reel capacity: 240m

Speed: 18 and 24fps plus "slow-motion"

Dimensions: approx. 315mm x 190mm x 372mm

Weight: approx. 11kg

Made in Japan

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 105,00 (+ EUR 5,90 shipping) in 03/2013
  • eBay UK
    • GBP 20,00 (+ GBP 10,00 shipping to Germany) in 03/2020 (for a very dirty projector without cover, manual, microphone, take-up reel, ... that needed a new belt and new grease)


  • Sound: When using the projector's internal amplifier and/or internal speaker, you'll "only" get "duoplay sound" as both tracks get mixed down to a single monophonic output. However, you can also get the unamplified sound of both tracks on separate connectors. When feeding these signals through an external stereo-amplifier (with two loudspeakers attached), you can even get stereophonic sound with this projector.
  • According to the manual, all projectors should have a "power voltage display window" on the rear, close to the power socket. But my "British version" only had "240V 50Hz AC" printed on the rear. When you remove the rear cover, you can see that also this "British version" can be easily wired to a different voltage and frequency. As Germany switched from 220V (±22V) to 230V (±14V) in 1987 and to 230V (±23V) in 2009, I decided to leave the projector at 240V. And it works fine.



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