Eumig Mark S 807 D Projector

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Eumig Mark S 807 D Projector

A dual gauge sound projector. Plays Super8/Single8 and standard8.

Lens: Vario Eupronet 1,3/15-30 mm. May also be equipped with some other Eupronet zoom lens.

Halogen lamp 12 V/75 W type EFP

Sound: mono (record&playback), fade in / fade out, sound-on-sound, mixing from external source ( microphone 0,3-10 mV, 200 - 4000 Ω; line in 0,3mV - 2 V, 4,7 kΩ - 1 MΩ )

Amplifier 3W, option for external amplifier ( line out 450 mV, 100 kΩ )

Internal loudspeaker

Option for external loudspeaker (4 - 8 Ω, 2 - 6 W)

Auto threading

Forward/backward projection

Speeds: 18 fps and 24 fps

Reel capacity: 180m/600ft

Weight approx.: 7,5 kg

Original price in Austria (year unknown): ATS 5990,-

Accessories: Universal reel; 8mm to super8 stepper for the front arm spindle; microphone; 6 m reel of magnetic striped film; film head trimmer/clipper.

Optional accessories: Eumig Serie 800 Daylight Viewer; Universal re-recording lead (a cord + four adapters).

Eumig 807D Seite klein.jpg

Eumig 807D vorne klein.jpg


Changing between standard8 and S-type film formats requires changing the gate assembly and sprocket wheel set. If You are considering to buy this projector You should check that both sets are present. The second set of sprocket wheels is stored on the inner side of the removable front panel and the additional gate assembly is in a horizontal slot in the body, also under the front panel. When changing the gate assembly, the knob at the rear of the projector should be manually turned to position where the red dot is up.