Eumig Mark 607 D Projector

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Eumig Mark 607 D Projector

A dual gauge silent projector. Plays Super8/Single8 and standard8.

Lens: Vario Eupronet 1,6/17-30 mm. May also be equipped with some other Eupronet zoom lens, often a faster f=1,3 variety.

Halogen lamp 12 V/100 W type EFP

Auto threading

Forward/backward projection

Speeds: 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 18 fps

Reel capacity: 120m/400ft

Film head clipper in the body.

Weight appx. 4,5 kg.

Accessories: AS 18 autoreel; 8mm to super8 stepper for the front arm spindle.

Optional accessory: Eumig Serie 600 Daylight Viewer



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