Elmo C 300

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Elmo C 300
Elmo-tri-filmatic-movie 1 a.jpg
Elmo C 300
Model Elmo C 300
Format(s) Super8, Single8, Regular8 and Double-Super8, depending on used back
Manufacturer Elmo
Made in Japan
Produced 1966-69
Lens(es) Elmo zoom 1,8 / 9 - 36 mm
Zoom Auto / Manual Zoom
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Frame rates 18, 24 + single frame
Exposure Manual / Auto
Focus Split Image Focusing
Film speeds (ASA/ISO) please add
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Sound (striped) No
Sound (two-band) No
Sound (optical) No
Weight 1300g
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Power supply 4 X 1,5V batteries + 3,9 V Mercury Battery for light meter
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Recent prices on eBay ($US) US$102 in 08/1999
US$58,50 (+ ?? shipping) in 02/2008 (camera with Super8-back and two double8-backs)
US$51 (+ ?? shipping) in 06/2020 (camera with S8-back only)
Recent prices on eBay (£) please add
Recent prices on eBay (€) Germany: 15,50 EUR (+ 7,20 EUR shipping) in 10/2005 (C300 - only with the Super8-back)
Germany: EUR 111,00 (+ 6,00 EUR shipping) in 02/2007 ("untested" C300 - only with the 30m-DoubleSuper8-back)
Italy: EUR 241,00 (+ ?? EUR shipping) in 02/2007 (C300 with the 30m-DoubleSuper8-back and two other backs (Regular8+Super8?))

ELMO C-300 ELMO C-300 with four different backs Elmo-tri-filmatic-movie 1 a.jpg Elmo-tri-filmatic-double-super-8-film-magazine.jpg Elmo-tri-filmatic-movie 1 b.jpg


Also known as "Tri-filmatic" or "Tri-Matic". Interchangable backs for use with super 8, single 8 or regular 8 films. Later also Double Super 8 in 1967. Rear loading. Manual exposure override only works if meter functions. With special back, it is one of the few Double Super 8 cameras accepting 100ft film. Rare.

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