Cosina SSL 768 Macro

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Cosina SSL 768 Macro

Lens: 1.7 / 8 - 64mm

Filter size: 58mm

Manual / Motor Zoom

Macro focusing

18, 24 + 40 fps

Automatic / Manual exposure

Backlight control


Remote control socket

Flash-light connector

No sound

Batteries: 4x 1.5V AA (film transport) + 1x Mallory PX 14 (light meter)

Measures: 63 x 235 x 195 mm

Weight: 1450 g

Made in Japan

CosinaSSL7610Macro 3.JPG CosinaSSL7610Macro 4.JPG


According to the extracts from the German manual found on the net, this camera is able to handle the Ektachrome 64T correctly! (Tageslicht = Daylight; Kunstlicht = Tungsten)

Same camera as the Cosina SSL 766 Macro and Cosina SSL 7610 Macro, but with a different zoom-range and less features (e.g. no timer - unlike the Cosina SSL 7610 Macro)

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