Cosina SSL 7610 Macro

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Cosina SSL 7610 Macro

Lens: 1,7 / 7 - 70 mm

Filtersize: 67mm

Manual / Motor Zoom

18, 24 + 40 fps

Timer: 6fps to 1 frame per 90s

Backlight Control

Auto / manual exposure


Remote control socket

Flash-light connector

Batteries: 4x 1.5V AA (film transport) + 1x Mallory PX 14 (light meter)

modification without PX14:

Weight: 1950g

Dimensions: 75mm x 235mm x 195mm

Made in Japan

CosinaSSL7610Macro 1.JPG CosinaSSL7610Macro 2.JPG CosinaSSL7610Macro 3.JPG CosinaSSL7610Macro 4.JPG


one of the fine 76xx professional series... According to the extracts from the German manual found on the net, this camera is able to handle the Ektachrome 64T correctly! (Tageslicht = Daylight; Kunstlicht = Tungsten)

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