Cosina SSL 7410 Macro

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Cosina SSL 7410 Macro

Year: ?

Weight: 1950g

Lens: Cosinon Reflex Zoom 1,7 / 8 - 70 mm

Filter Size: 67mm

Macro focusing

Split Image Focusing

Manual / Auto Zoom

Frame rates: 18, 24, 40 + single frame

Manual / Auto Exposure


Cable release socket

4 X AA batteries + 1x PX14 for exposure meter

Made in Japan

Instruction book at

6V DC connector

Audio connector (DIN?)

Flash connector


In Western Germany, Neckermann sold a version of the camera that had German labels.

Most likely the same as the Cosina SSL 7610 Macro, but with a 10x zoom instead of the 748's 8x zoom. Only "the same" in the sense of approximate makeup, the 7410 is bulkier but has the same controls.


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