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Anybody know anything about the Quartz 5 (USSR) DS8 1975 8mm cine camera? Can't find a thing about it.

Is it this model? Zenit Quarz DS8-M

Jörg's answer: No, the Zenit Quarz DS8-M is listed as "Quarz-2x8S-1M" in this list, while the "Quarz 5" is listed as a different camera there. Hence I guess that the "Quarz 5" is still missing in this wiki.
BTW: Due to the naming there's a high chance that the "Quarz 5" is a Regular8-camera (and hence no Double-super8-camera). This webpage also lists the camera as a regular8 model.

Which camera to buy?[edit]


I'm considering buying a Braun NIZO S560 and wondered if anyone knew if it will accept the Ektachrome 64T film and also is it suitable for shooting at night using the Kodak VISION2 500T Color Negative film?