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Rank Audio Visual Ltd., Brentford, U.K.


  • Founded as "Aldis Brothers" in 1937 by Mr. Aldis and Mr. Smith.
  • Bought by Mr. J. Arthur Rank in 1951 and transformed into "Rank Aldis".
  • Turned (along with other "multimedia"-companies owned by "The Rank Organisation") into "Rank Audio Visual Ltd." in 1960. Since then "Rank Aldis" was "only" used as a brand name.
  • In 1996 the "The Rank Organisation" was aquired by "The Rank Group Plc".
  • It's unclear whether "Rank Audio Visual" is still operational and still owned by "The Rank Group Plc".


  • Some of the "Rank Aldis"-devices have been manufactured by other companies, e.g. some of the 16mm-projectors have been made by Bauer.

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