Canon 514 XL-S

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Canon 514 XL-S

Year: 1976-1983

Weight: 1500 g

Lens: Canon zoom 1,4 / 9 - 45 mm (43mm filter thread)

Macro focusing at wide angle and tele ends

Split Image Focusing

Auto / Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 18, 24 + single frame (SINGLE FRAME ONLY VIA CABLE RELEASE OR REMOTE)

Shutter degree: 220

Auto Exposure - accepts ISO 25D, 40T, 100D, 160T, 160D and 250T film

Aperture Lock EE Control for Backlight etc

Remote control socket

Auto / Manual Recording Level Control

6 X AA batteries + No separate battery for light meter

Made in Japan

Instruction manual: (registration required)

Retail price in US when new: about $500

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 20,20 ( + EUR 7,00 shipping) in 04/2006
    • EUR 9,50 ( + EUR 23,50 shipping to Italy) in 02/2014 (came with original box, two Canon microphones, original manual and Canon remote switch)
  • eBay USA:
    • US$150 in 7/1999
    • US$111 in 8/1999
    • US$122 in 8/1999
  • eBay France:
    • EUR 14 ( + EUR 9,60 shipping) in 03/2010



The camera meter is set correctly by the new Ektachrome 100D cartridge so no adjustment is necessary.

If you must recalibrate it, the potentiometer to adjust the exposure meter is under the trim between the cartridge door and the 18/24 FPS selector. The whole side cover of the camera needs removal to access the potentiometer.

There is no backlight button but an "EE lock." This is a spring -return rotary switch by the lens barrel that fixes the aperture set by the TTL metering as long as it is pushed. On release the aperture returns to auto control set by the metering.


This is another excellent design by Canon. One of the most popular of Super 8 sound cameras, it was launched around 1976 after the first wave of sound cameras from Kodak, Chinon and Bell & Howell in the 1974-75 period and significantly more advanced. Canon later launched sound versions of its 814 and 1014 designs which were high-end designs and much more expensive. It's similar to the 514XL silent camera with the same 5:1 zoom lens plus recording electronics built into the base and an additional 24 fps running speed. Not too heavy, well balanced in the hand, with a sharp lens and ultra clear viewfinder. The viewfinder like those of the 310XL and 514XL is slightly small though but you soon get used to this. Due to its simple automated concept there is no metering manual override except for an EE lock so its not really suitable for Ektachrome 64T or Vision3 500 film. The CCA filter is removed automatically by daylight film such as Ektachrome 100D - Paul814

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