Bolex P1

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Bolex P1

Uses Standard/Regular/Double 8mm film supplied on 7.5m/25ft spools

Year: 1961-65

Lens: SOM Berthiot "Pan Cinor" 1,9/8-40mm

Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 12,16,18,24,32,48,64 and single frame

Removeable pistol grip

Weight: ??

Spring wound motor

Battery operated through the lens exposure meter (semi-automatic operation)

No sound

Price(s) on eBay:

  • eBay Germany
    • EUR 51,00 (+ EUR 3,90 shipping) in 03/2007


First Bolex with an integral reflex viewfinder,through the lens metering and fixed zoom lens. However it continued the same compact body as the B8, C8 and D8 cameras. Subsequent models P2 and P3 shared the same body. The P2 was a cheaper version with a shorter range zoom and the P3 added power zooming and minor improvements.


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