Bauer TR 200 Retro Sound Projector

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Bauer TR 200 Retro Sound Projector (aka "Bauer TR 200 AV Bildbetrachter")

Suited for: Super-8 / Single-8

Max. reel capacity: 180 m

Automatic threading

Sound: Magnetic soundtrack playback/recording (mono only)

Projectionspeed: 18 and 24 fps (both fore- and rearwards)

Rewinding: fast reel-to-reel-rewind

Lamp: 12V/100W Halogenlamp (e.g. Osram 64627 or Philips 6834)


  • out: line-out
  • in: microphone / phono

Integrated speaker

Weight: approx. 16,8 kg

approx. dimensions in cm: Width: 47, Height: 30, Depth: 35

Can easily be switched from normal projection to projection onto an integrated rear-screen (approx. 30cm * 20cm, diagonal 37cm) by moving a single mirror.

Made by Silma, Italy (Silma was owned by Bauer when the projector was constructed. The projector is most likely also available as a Silma something)

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 51,51 (+ EUR 7,00 shipping) in 05/2006
    • EUR 46,05 (+ EUR 9,90 shipping) in 07/2006
    • EUR 35,50 (+ EUR 9,90 shipping) in 11/2006


Predecessor of the Bauer TR 300 Automatic Duoplay Projector