Bauer C Royal 10 E XLM

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Bauer C Royal 10 E XLM

Lens: 1,4 / 7 - 70 mm

Auto / Manual Zoom

Split Image Focusing

Macro focusing

Manual / Auto Exposure

+ single frame

Shutter degree: Var.

Backlight Control


Interval timer

Time exposure

Flash contact


Nearly the same technic like A 512, but premodel.

Like every BAUER: According to test and info of the instruction manual it can only meter 40 and 160 ASA in artificial light with the corresponding 25 and 100 ASA in daylight.

The original, unmodified camera can not run the Ektachrome 64T automatically.

Modification see:

Warning: do not change sensitivity generally! In this case the 25/40/100/160 ASA films will be underexposed!


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