Bauer C 8 Sound

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Bauer C 8 Sound

Year: 1974

Lens: Neovaron 1.7 / 7.5 - 60 mm

Manual & Variable Speed Auto Zoom

Manual & Auto Exposure

Neutral Density Filter


Frame rates: ?

Sound camera

Batteries: 6 x AA for motor + 1 x 6 Volt for sound and exposure

Battery control: yes, 2 buttons (1 for motor batteries & 1 for sound and exposure battery)

Made by Chinon in Japan


- It is possible to close the viewfinder when you want to use the camera with a remote control.

- According to the finger (feeler) in the cartridge compartment, this camera can only read the following values in ASA: 40 & 160 (Tungsten = 25 & 100 in Daylight).


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