Why shoot Super 8?

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Reasons Why[edit]

  • Projectors are fun.
  • You get the "film" look, for nostalgia, fun, or just for the hell of it.
  • DV has lackluster color rendering. Velvia and other films now available in Super8 have exquisite color.
  • The Super8 negative films have much greater tonal range than DV.
  • Time-Lapse or stop motion photography is very easy.
  • Any film camera is a conversation piece.
  • It's still about half the price of 16mm and is a great way to try out film stocks on the cheap(er).

Reasons Why Not[edit]

  • The film and development cost are about US$24 for 3 minutes
  • Resolution taps out at about 650-700 lines per millimeter
  • Not much equipment is currently made, all leftovers from the 60's, 70's, and early '80's (pro8mm.com makes new professional S8 cameras)
  • The cartridge system often has bad registration
  • Doing sound can get expensive and complex and single system sound film is no longer made
  • Its highest resolution film, K40, is going away, although Velvia 50 is now made in Super 8 and has higher resolution than K40 did.
  • Films have gotten national release that were totally done on DV, when was the last time you saw an entire movie shot on super 8. Although some ads and music videos have been shot on super 8.