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I moved the Bauer S709XL/S715XL back to the "can't meter" section because the manual says they only sest 2 ASA ranges. If you have one of these cameras and can see that it has more than 2 notch-sensing buttons in the film chamber please move the camera to the "meter ok" section and explain it here. thank you reed sturtevant

The cartridge-speed-setting-meter for the Beaulieu 1028 XL 60, 1018 SX 8 and 1008 XL consists of one or two spikes (depending on the model) that gets pressed into the chamber's wall as other meters. The main difference to the other meters is that this one "oscillates". This "oscillation" is shown in the side-view below: It ranges from the black position (=no cartridge inserted) to the hatched position (a "little bit" exaggerated - cartridge with highest ASA-rating inserted). The meter seems to measure the cartridge's speed by the degree of the oscillation. Hence it's most likely that these models really can handle a 64-ASA-nodge correctly (as stated in the manual): ChinonMadeBeaulieu.png
(side view: lens will show to the right)
Unfortunately tests-results from users of look like the camera will only differ between 40, 160 and 400 ASA Tungsten and 25, 100 amd 250 ASA Daylight. :-(

bonjour en consultant votre site,je cherchais à savoir si ma camera super 8(une eumig mini 3 servofocus ) etait corectement utilisable avec la pelicule ektachrome 64 T,ou si il fallait des reglages.ja ne l'ai trouvé cette camera dans aucune de vos listes pouvait vous m'aider? merci(repondre en français svp)merci


Je pense que cet Eumig seulement distingue entre 40 et 160 ASA (utiliser l'Super 8 Cartridge Notch Ruler si ca est correct!). Si cette camera a un "+/- correction for auto" vous pouvez corriger le photomètre. Mais si cette camera a seulement un "backlight control" (contre-jour-correctur?), je pense que vous ne pouvez pas utiliser l'ektachrome 64T. Une texte francais: Compatibilité Kodak T64

Canon 318 Zoom[edit]

Does anyone know if the super 8 camera, Canon 318 Zoom exposes correcly the film Ektachrome 65t? I know a similar model, the Canon Zoom 240, meters properly. Anyone can help me out? Thanks -> According to the Camera Museum on the Canon internet page there is a Zoom 318 Super 8, which was marketed from June 1965 on, that can handle Daylight type ISO 16 - 100 and Tungsten type ISO 25 - 160. Later (from March 1972) the model Auto Zoom 318M was marketed; this one has only the settings Tungsten type film: ISO 40 and 160; Daylight type film: ISO 25 and 100. Depending on which model you actually have it will meter correctly or not. I will change the list in the article according to this information.