Siemens 2000 Projector

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Siemens 2000 Projector

Suited for single perf 16mm-film

Year: Approx. mid 1950s

Lens: Various, depending on model (e.g. Astro-Kino 1,6/50 mm)

Lamp: 250W to 1000W, depending on model

Reel capacity: 600 meter (with an optional extender to 1200m)

Frame rates: 16 + 20 + 24

Sound: various models:

  • silent
  • optical playback (mono)
  • optical and magnetical playback (mono)
  • optical playback and magnetical playback/recording (mono)
  • silent, but with an integrated synchronized 16mm-perfotape-recorder/-player
  • silent, but with an integrated synchronized 8mm-perfotape-recorder/-player

Weight: approx. 11kg (silent model)

Made in Germany

Original price in Germany in 1954 at "Photo-Porst": 1050DM (body only, silent model) + 84DM (above 50mm lens) + 10DM (preamp) + 23-43DM (lamp) + 50DM (hard case) = approx. 1220DM = approx. 610EUR


Take a look at this projector in the "Kameramuseum Kurt Tauber" (includes a link to a downloadable manual!)