Sankyo MF 303

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Sankyo MF 303

Year: 1972-76

Lens: 1,8 / 9 - 30 mm

Macro focusing

Aerial Focusing

Auto / Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 18 + single frame

Shutter degree: 220

Manual / Auto Exposure

Remote control socket

Cable release socket

No sound

Made in Japan

Manufacturer: Sankyo Seiki MFG Co.

Batteries: 4x 1.5V AA

Original price in England (in the year of introduction): £83

Price(s) on eBay: £ 17.95 (+ £ 4.97 shipping) in 01/2006

Sankyo Super MF 303.JPG SankyoMF 303 1.jpg SankyoMF 303 2.jpg SankyoMF 303 3.jpg


As MF 300, but with macro focusing.

Exposes 64T correctly. I developed one roll as 40 (as recommended) but came out slightly underexposed. Nanolab recommended just processing as normal.


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