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Rumors, myths, gossip, ... this page is going to contain all of them


There are several cameras/projectors/... that only showed up in some articles/ads, but only seem to exist as a prototype, e.g. the Canon 2018 Autozoom Electronic, the Elmo 1012 C-CON, Aäton's Super8-camera, ... . Sometimes the prototypes don't have a name or only showed up in one article. If this the case, it should be added to this page rather than creating a new entry in the wiki:

  • Did Sankyo ever build a Single8-camera? An article about Single8 in "Modern Photography" 8/1965 says so and even mentions that it has got a zoom lens and that it's smaler than the previous cameras by Sankyo. Nevertheless this camera never got mentioned anywhere else again?!
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Special versions[edit]

Surveillance cameras[edit]

Several cameras exist in two versions: in a "normal" one and as a "surveillance" version, e. g. the Eumig 300 XL and the Eumig 300 XL Bank or the Fujica ZR400 and the Fujica ZR400 Memomotion. Since the "surveillance" versions didn't show up in the "normal" catalogues, it's hard to find out whether a specific camera was sold in two versions or whether it got modified by a third party. If you do find such a camera with a "dubious" history, you might want to add it here instead of creating a new entry in the wiki.


These are some facts:

  • Pentacon converted some of its Double-8 cameras to the Double-Super-8 format (e. g. s. Pentacon Pentaflex 8 (Super8)
  • Bolex still converts the 18fps-only Eumig Nautica to 24 f. p. s.
  • Mike's cams offers several modifications for several cameras
  • several companies offer/offered projectors modified for telecining or modified them for Xenon (or brighter) lamps
  • ...

Nevertheless some modifications are most likely only rumours, like:

  • Fujica P2 Zoom converted to 24 f. p. s.? (There are several rumours about 18 fps-only-cameras converted to 24fps-only. But even though this should be an easy modification for a skilled person with access to some service-manuals, some spare parts and some special tools, there's no proof that this was done on a large scale.)
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Rumours that don't belong to the above sections:

  • There are several "rumours" in the German "Schmalfilm"-magazine and in Jürgen Lossau's books that the COMECON-countries didn't know magnetic soundtracks for Super8. Nevertheless several companies like fipra offer striping with both the (West-)German "Agfa F5"- and the (East-)German "ORWO 112"-material. And there have also been services in former Eastern Germany that offered post-striping. And the USSR manufactured both a sound-projector and a sound camera?! So either the rumour is incorrect or the COMECON-countries only knew post-striping and sound-carts made by Kodak/Agfa/... .
  • On's forum there's a posting about a Super8-film that's still produced by "Kim Tschek" in Wonsan, North Korea, and that's e.g. available in Taiwan. Even though the manufacturer seem to exist, it's still unclear whether this Super8-film really exists or not.
  • Even though China used its own Super8-like film (8.75mm width film with Super8-perforation), there are some rumours about Chinese Super8-cameras/projectors produced for export. Nevertheless these goods never got mentioned with model-names, details, ... (except for a "Nanjing S-8"-camera). Hence they're most likely only rumours (unlike Chinese 16mm-projectors that got shown on various "photokina"-trade fairs in Germany).
  • There's a new company in France about to manufacture a 40 ASA Kodachrome replacement called "HR 1" and an Ektachrome 160 replacement called "HR 2".
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