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Revue CE80.jpg

Year: 1982 (original price 1982/08/10: 499 German Mark)

Lens: Revuenon 1:1,7 / 7,5-60mm coated zoom lens; 58mm filter thread diameter, shortest object distance 1,5m

Zoom: manual zoom; motor zoom with 2 speedlevels, works also independent from film transport

Focus: Split Image Focusing; manual focus ring

Exposure/Light Meter: internal metering through lens; range 1,7 - 32; automatic metering; manual setting possible; meter can be calibrated via potentiometer below the printed metal cover in the cartridge compartement (for example for using Kodak Ektachrome 64T)

Film Speed: reads ISO 160/23° (Tungsten balanced) cartridge via switch for notches if switch not triggered; assumes ISO 40/17° (Tungsten balanced) otherwise

Backlight Control: "auto+/exp" push button for backlight shots (opens 1 f-stop)

Filter: Built-in daylight conversion filter type "A" can be set into optical path via switch; lens has 58mm thread for external filters

Frame rates: 18fps, 36fps (push button) + single frame; can be adjusted via potentiometer below the printed metal cover in the cartridge compartement

Fader: push button

Ocular: can be adjusted to dioptre; film transport signal via blinking red LED; aperture scale with indicator needle at top; red scale areas for over- and underexposure

Remote: 2,5mm 2-contact (mono) phone jack socket; trigger for single frame on 'switch close'

Misc: On/Off switch with red power LED; meter for remaining film length in meter+feet; battery test button + LED; running film transport can be arrested; compartment window for controlling film cassette type; reported being built for Revue by Cosina

Power supply: 4x AA 1,5V batteries for all functions

Price(s) on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 12,00 (+ EUR 8,50 shipping) in 01/2006


Most likely only differs by the zoom-range from the Revue CE 40 and Revue CE 60.


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