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Polavision Land Camera (aka Polavision 3600 Land Camera)

Uses standard Polavision Phototape cassettes (different cartridge but same width, perforations, and frame as Super 8 film)

Lens: 12.5-25mm f/1.8 / 2x zoom / two focus-settings: 1,5m to 3,8m and infinity

18 frames per second

Auto exposure via non-TTL CDS meter

Low light warning and focus indicator visible in viewfinder

Date of manufacture unknown (Polavision film was introduced in 1978)

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Camera was built by Eumig, Austria, under Polaroid's license

Take a look at this camera in the Kameramuseum Kurt Tauber.


Polaroid's Polavision films were to be watched using a Polavision Land Player. The cartridges are no longer available. They were last manufactured in 1988.


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