Pathé Webo 16M

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Pathé Webo 16M

Year: 1946?


Lens: C-mount triple turret

Filming Speeds: 8 16 24 32 64 80

Reflex viewing

Spring wound motor

Variable shutter

Film can be rewound in the camera

No sound

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Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 156,10 (+ EUR 6,90 shipping) in 03/2007 (camera Schneider Xenon 1,5/25mm, Xenon 2,3/50mm and Xenar 3,8/75mm)


Pathe made 16 mm. versions of the Webo range of cameras, but these cameras are hard to find and tend to be expensive. Although accessories were made for the Webo making it, in some respects, as versatile as the Bolex, the accessories are now extremely rare, at least in the UK. For example, there is a Webo AT16 with spring drive (8 - 80 f.p.s.), reflex and optical viewing and a triple lens turret accepting C-mount lenses. The camera is claimed to give exceptional steadiness as it has a unique 16 sprocket drive.

eBay Auctions[edit]