Nizo 4056

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Nizo 4056

Year: 1978-80

Lens: Schneider Macro-Variogon 1,4 / 7 - 56 mm (filter size: 52mm)

Macro focusing

Split Image Focusing

Auto / Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 9,16,18,24,25,54 + single frame

Manual / Auto Exposure

+/- correction for auto exposure


Lap dissolve

Rewind / Double exposure

Remote control socket

Interval timer with 2,5,15 second intervals

Sound with Manual / Auto Recording Level Control

Retractable handle

Made in Germany

Manufacturer: Niezoldi&Krämer / Braun

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 24,94 (+ EUR 5,90 shipping) in 11/2006
    • EUR 42,13 (+ EUR 8,90 shipping) in 03/2007
    • EUR 30,50 (+ EUR 3,90 shipping) in 06/2007 (Batteryholder missing)
    • EUR 51,00 (+ EUR 6,50 shipping) in 07/2007 (Batteryholder + battery missing)
    • EUR 50,00 (+ EUR 5,90 shipping) in 10/2007 ("untested" and with some minor damages)
    • EUR 46,50 (+ EUR 8,50 shipping) in 02/2008


Same as Nizo 4080, but with a different lens. The only difference from the Nizo 6056 is the fact that the 4056 doesn't accept a Kodak-60m-cassette. (The 6056 can do some longer rewinds with that 60m-cassette, too.)

Like my Nizo 156 Macro it tends to give a "not enough light"-warning too early.

The 4056/4080/6056/6080 can handle cartridges with a 64ASA-setting, hence they should be able to handle the new Ektachrome 64T correctly.

You can replace the "rechargeable-battery-box" with the battery-box from the Nizo "S"-Series and/or "Nizo "Professional". The later ones can be opened without any problems, hence you can replace the rechargable batteries with newer ones. As the "schmalfilm"-magazine 1-2/1994 states, you can even use normal 1.5V AA batteries instead of the 1.2V rechargable ones: There's a diode called "ZY12" to protect the camera from overvoltage, but the 9V (6x 1.5V) instead of the 7.2V (6x 1.2V) are still within the limits of the "ZY12". Nevertheless using rechargable batteries saves you a lot of money and is more "environment-friendly".


My Nizo 4056 Review

Revolutionary self-blimped design, high degree of technical sophistication, very ergonomic, a joy to shoot handheld. The Macro-Variogon 1.4 / 7 - 56 mm yields very sharp, grain-less, natural-looking colors that still manage to pop. Quietest Super 8 ever made. This is the model you want if you’re shooting sync sound. It really is a pleasure shooting with this camera because it’s so easy to focus and shoot steady with the ergonomic grip and flip out shoulder rest. Downside is they’re almost impossible to service because the internal, gearless mechanism is driven by tiny rubber belts that will stretch/ break over time. Duall Camera in New York City claims they can fix them for $350, if and when they have replacements. In fact, Duall claims they can fix any Super 8, provided no parts are needed. Reportedly there’s one very expensive camera repair shop in Stuttgart that owns the remaining parts stock for the sound Nizos. They only accept bank transfers and speak only German. Sprechen Sie Deutsch anyone? -geoval

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