Minolta XL 601

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Minolta XL 601

Year: 1978-80

Weight: 700 g

Lens: Zoom Rokkor 1,7 / 7,5 - 45 mm

Macro focusing

Split Image Focusing

Auto / Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 18 + single frame

Shutter degree: 220

Manual / Auto Exposure

ASA settings from cartridge notches: Tungsten 40, 160, Daylight 25, 100

Backlight Control

Flash contact


Remote control socket

Interval timer with 0,5-60 second intervals

Retracable handle

No sound

Made in Japan

Manufacturer: Minolta

Recently paid in eBay net auction: $132 eBay 7/1999

Minolta XL-601




Taking the camera apart to fix loud running: Minolta XL-401/601: how to open and lubricate a squealing noise Exposure meter has mechanical override, meaning meter can be manually set independent of meter operation.

Cartridge Notches[edit]

This camera has one notch sensing pin and it appears that E64T will be read as 40 ASA so will be overexposed. Use the manual aperture control to adjust the speed to be 2/3 stop less than the camera suggests or if you are not using other stock (like B&W film) you might want to re-calibrate the meter.

Minolta XL601 cartridge notch sensing switch

Instructions on how to re-calibrate the exposure meter: Minolta: how to adjust XL-401/601 meter

eBay Auctions[edit]