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Mekel 300 Instant Analysis Camera

Uses standard Polavision Phototape cassettes (different cartridge but same width, perforations, and frame as Super 8 film)

4 to 300 frames per second

Intermittent pin-registered film transport

C-mount lenses

Reflex viewing and focusing

Through the lens exposure metering

24 to 32 VDC power supply

Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 9 in. (20 x 12 x 23cm) without lens

Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) without lens

Shutter angle 90 degree equivalent (Rotary shutter with two 45 degree apertures located 180 degrees apart, rotating at 1/2 the frame rate)

Date of manufacture unknown (Polavision film was introduced in 1978)

eBay sales:

  • eBay Germany:
    • €207 in 10/2005
    • EUR 264,57 (+ ?? shipping) in 02/2006
  • eBay US:
    • $9.95 plus shipping in 02/2006

Instruction manual online at:





Caution - do not use lenses whose rear element extends more than 5mm beyond the mounting flange or you will damage the beamsplitter. Polaroid Polavision film is no longer available. The pin registered movement is described by US Patent 4357082. Patent document may be downloaded as ZIP file here:

Mekel Engineering designed and manufactured the Visual Instrumentation Corporation Model SP-1 Cine 8 Camera.


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