Leicina Super

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Leicina Super

Year: 1970-73

Lens: Leicina-Vario 1,9 / 8 - 64 mm

Split Image Focusing

Auto / Manual Zoom with 2 Speeds

USA: Frame rates: 12, 18, 24, 54 + single frame

EUR: Frame rates: 9, 18, 25, 54 + single frame

Auto Exposure

+/- correction for auto


No sound

Made in Germany

Manufacturer: Leitz

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay USA:
    • US$ 258 in 07/1999
    • US$ 206 in 08/1999



In 1972 LEITZ releases a rare special version of the LEICINA SUPER which has double exposure / lap dissolve function (overfade) from the next generation LEICINA SUPER RT1. This camera came from the factory Ernst Leitz (Canada) Ltd. Midland, Ontario. German Manual add on "Einlegeblatt":



The first super-8 made by Leitz. Also said to be the first fully electronic super-8 camera. There are some rare in-between models on the market with functions from the next LEICINA generation.

An optional electronic controller "Elektronisches Steuergerät ST1" was sold for EUR 64,00 (+ EUR 8,00 shipping) on eBay Germany in 09/2007.


The Leicina Special with its interchangeable Leica lens mount and its Schneider Optivaron 1.8/6-66mm gets all the press, but the entry level Leicina Super deserves a little respect. The fixed Leicina Vario 1:1.9 8-64 Angenieux zoom is surprisingly sharp with nice contrast and pleasing bokeh. Downside to the Vario is that it could be a little wider and lacks a macro setting. The EE is accurate and responsive but lacks true manual override. You have to press three different buttons to open and close the iris then hold all three at the same time to lock it. Forget about it! Just throw this old-school German beauty into auto and you will be rewarded with gorgeous imagery 90% of the time. If you admire solid, well-crafted German machinery the Leicina will not disappoint you - Geoval

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